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3.5 tonne vehicle roller rear doors

Roller rear doors

In certain circumstances your next delivery may only need the rear of the vehicle opening. This makes rear roller doors a must. Light weight and efficient, they get your vehicle back on the road in no time at all. All our first class engineered 3.5 tonne curtainsider vehicles fitted and designed at our centre in Kings Norton Birmingham are built to stand the rigours of daily use and maintain the lightest possible unladen weight to maximise the payload.

Beat the purse busting cost's of operating larger vehicles.

Many business are switching their operations to smaller vehicles to reap the huge cost savings of operating smaller 3.5 tonne fleets that are not impacted upon by road transport law. The savings are substantial. curtain siders in the 3.5 tonne class offer an ideal solution to business. alloy bodies and quality assured materials give us the edge on the competition.

Drivers hours, under tachograph legislation are extremely restrictive to every driver and more so, your business. Meeting daily rest periods and weekly rest breaks can be a nightmare to rota your work force to business needs. Operating 3.5 tonne vehicles removes these restrictions and costs and can give your business the edge.

Be smarter, get there faster and do it all cheaper with 3.5 tonne curtain side vehicles.


Field fleet curtain siders are Birmingham's number one supplier of 3.5 tonne curtainsider vehicles that exceeds the competition in quality and insists on staying in that position. Our continuous improvement programme ensures we maintain ahead of the competition by using the latest technologies and material advancements.

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