Field Fleet

Field fleet - Company Ethos.

Our ethos here is to provide a service of quality and value to our customers. We do that by sourcing our network of suppliers to provide the best materials at the lowest cost. In doing so we maintain the highest standard of quality assured materials and components to deliver first class 3.5 tonne curtainsiders.

Custom and standard alloy body curtain siders

We offer not only standard body conversions but also our custom and bespoke service that provides our customers with vehicles tailored around their needs. Interior lighting and roller rear doors are just a small insight to our custom alloy bodies. Our depot in Kings Norton, Birmingham is equipped with all the latest tools and equipment and our trained, friendly staff offer a friendly customer service.


The alternative to cheaper raod transport costs.

3.5 Tonne curtainsider vehicles offer a much cheaper alternative to operating larger vehicles governed by road transport and the many associated cost's, from operator licencing to monthly services and tachographs. The other great advantage of 3.5 tonne vehicles are that they are not restricted to 57mph like larger vehicles and so are the smarter faster mode of transportation.

Field Fleet
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Tuesday, 20 January 2015 00:00